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Concrete Design Ideas and Details

Concrete Bookshelf Concrete Design Ideas

Accentuate the design of your home by using concrete. The advantages of concrete is that it’s more customizable than other solid surfaces.

You have the ability to shape the concrete to what you want and choose from endless colors and textures. Our concrete designs are perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, tables, desktops, shelving, bar tops, outdoor creations and more. If you can envision it, we can design and create it.

Consider this concrete bookshelf as a design idea.

This bookshelf is MM Square Construction & Renovation Solutions signature anti-gravity shelving. The picture shown here uses two standard concrete colors which are Bone and Universe.

The bookshelf is made of solid concrete which makes the shelving durable as well as beautiful. This type of concrete shelving design gives the room depth and texture while giving that clean and bright feeling.

Concrete Tables

Concrete Countertop Table

  Having a concrete table-top in your living room can be a primary decorative piece. Concrete is environmentally sustainable as well as very durable. It can withstand everyday life. Even kids!


The concrete table-top shown here has a classic veined look and uses three standard colors: Ash, Universe and Sky. The colors of this concrete table-top compliment the color scheme of the home.

Bathroom Countertops

Your concrete design ideas shouldn’t stop just at the book shelf or table.

Imagine the many other places that you can use concrete in your home. In the picture shown here, concrete is used in a bathroom for a versatile concrete countertop.

You can choose from a variety of colors and textures and this is just one of them. The color of this countertop is vibrant and is complimented by the white cabinetry and walls.

Concrete countertops can be molded to specific dimensions and any shapes that best fit your home – which makes concrete better than granite, quartz and laminate.

In this particular project, which you can also see in our gallery, this type of concrete was used in the bathtub surround and the stand up shower flooring. The use of the same concrete ties everything together to create a simplified, modern look in this home decor.


Concrete Design Dresser

 This dresser with a polished concrete top makes a great addition to any room.

 Instead of a plain white dresser, this concrete top makes it a unique, one-of-a-kind decorative piece. With the distinguished veined look, the dresser stands out. There are many concrete design ideas that MM Square Construction & Renovation Solutions can do for you, since concrete is so practical, versatile AND customizable to wherever you want to use it.


Outdoor Concrete Design Ideas

beautiful concrete planter for outdoor use

For the outdoors – you can enhance your garden decor. Concrete designs are not just your stepping stones in the grass but also statues, patios, planters, etc. The planter shown here is an excellent garden decor addition. The unique pastel-like blue color just stands out enough to not take away from the natural colors of your garden. You can have many planters like this around your back yard or front yard. Because it is made of concrete, your planters or whatever concrete creations you have, are sure to withstand the weather and the exteriors. When thinking of your concrete design ideas, don’t forget the most popular one which is concrete countertops. This is particularly popular in places that have outdoor kitchens. What better material to use than concrete?