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MM Square Construction and Renovation Solutions is very aware of the need on this planet to use environmentally friendly and sustainable green building practices.

Concrete is one of the most recyclable building materials and makes the most beautiful high end, custom kitchen counter tops, floors, columns, shelves and more. Concrete countertops with integral sinks (monolithically poured with the top surface) are so beautiful and earthy looking while also being extremely high end.

The Vast Design Possibilities of Concrete Countertops

We have extensive experience in commercial and residential concrete construction such as stairs, slabs, foundations and sidewalks. We greatly expanded our fundamental understanding of concrete by learning the decorative, more artistic world of concrete.

On the West Coast this building practice is extremely popular and is only now becoming very known about on the East Coast. There is much to be said about the purely awesome look and natural patina (a gloss or sheen produced by age and polishing) that concrete gives us.

Green Certified Concrete Countertops

All our concrete countertop and architectural pre-cast products are green certified including the sealers. We use non-toxic penetrating sealer and satin sealer and a food grade bees wax as the final finish.

Concrete is one of the most common green building products and we strive to incorporate this natural material into our designs and construction so it can be viewed and enjoyed for eons.

Green Building Initiative with Venetian Plaster

Another Green Building practice we have implemented is the art of authentic Venetian Plaster as final wall finishes. It is an old world technique that belongs in the new world as it does not mold or mildew. This is because real authentic Venetian plaster is basically lime.

Mold cannot grow in an environment of lime. Drywall is breathable until you seal it with primer and paint. With authentic lime plasters organic pigments are added to the various textures of authentic lime, which is completely white in its natural form. Then, by use of a special trowel, multiple translucent layers are applied with learned techniques to create wall finishes that define luxury. Finishes range from glass smooth to rustic leather and in many colors and designs.

High Quality Italian Products

Our products are imported directly from Tuscany Italy and are green certified as 98% living organic matter. This building material has been used for centuries in Egyptian tombs and historical landmarks that only get better with age.
Venice is a city built on the water and so they would not dream of using anything but Venetian Plaster on their walls. The use of Venetian plaster as a wall finish helps our planet and yields by far the most luxurious presentation of a wall or ceiling than any other finish.


Our green building materials are both beautiful and eco-friendly.