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We provide quality carpentry work – Finish, Trim and Custom – for your new construction, home improvement, remodeling or renovations project. Stairs, doors, base board and crown molding, wainscoting, chair rail molding, mantles, and more. Two key players on our team are carpenters Sam and Toi. With their expertise and experience in custom, finish and trim carpentry, we deliver top quality carpentry work for upscale homes, restaurants, businesses and commercial properties.

Fine Carpentry for Your Quality Home

Click here to see some examples of their quality craftsmanship. Sam and Toi fit right in with our work ethic and customer-service orientation. If your construction, renovations or remodeling project requires new stairs, wainscoting, enhanced entranceways, doors, door and window casings, mantles, baseboard or crown molding, chair rail molding, or other types of ornamental work or quality carpentry, you can count on our team for excellent, satisfactory results.