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Build Your Luxurious Dream Home in Thailand – Designed and Built by a Seasoned Custom Home Builder

Looking to design and build your luxury new home? We can make your dream come true without the pain and stress normally associated with new home construction. As experienced custom home builders for luxury homes in Thailand we offer a full service of design, detailed costing, permitting, scheduling and fully completed construction. In fact, we provide everything you need to take your dream home from original idea to fabulous luxury home completion.

“In my area, where real estate values are climbing and solid trades people are near impossible to find, Mr. Jack stands out from the pack. His integrity means that the job is done properly the first time and he stands behind his work with fair pricing and reliable scheduling. I wish he’d never left our area! ”

– Michael Haldane

luxury homesWe live and work in Thailand and thus are very familiar with the unique challenges that come with building in a semi-tropical area.

We service all over Thailand.

What Makes a House A ‘Luxury Home’?

One usually thinks of a gigantic house on an idyllic beach setting as a ‘luxury home’, but luxury has more to do with finishing than simply location.

Interior waterfalls, heated tile floors, wine cellars, stone patios and sculptured gardens are all very luxurious. The word luxury denotes comfort, delight, enjoyment, extravagance and opulence. And with today’s modern materials from stainless steel to using glass to make sinks to ceramic finishes there’s much you can do.

But nothing speaks of luxury like handcrafted, old world artisan materials re-created for a contemporary environment.

Whether you envision walls luminous with old world Venetian Plaster, or the highest quality exotic woods hand made into stairs or wainscoting, Nelson Construction has the artisans. We can do it; we can build it.

Luxury Homes Thailand – Design Services

Luxury Homes

  • Beautiful and functional designs to ensure you get the dream home you envisioned
  • Costing and consultation to advise you on your many options to bring the home construction project in on time and on budget
  • High quality construction – we don’t cut corners
  • Quality materials using Green options whenever possible
  • Owner supervision to bring the project on or ahead of schedule
  • All work is guaranteed with prompt response to any issues.
  • European quality workmanship
  • Fully licensed and insured.

Building a custom home is a process of creation, planning and organizing all in an exact sequence of action.  Achieving the desired end result requires three main things:

1. An Idea for Your Custom Home

This is you — we can make suggestions and help you as much as you would like during the planning process. We believe that the uniqueness of any luxury home comes from the original idea, the first thought.custom home building in Florida In building a new home for someone, we feel that it’s important to stay true to what you want.

We believe that this one point is what has given us “the edge” over other builders. Everyone has their unique style of living and it is our goal to provide usable, functional and aesthetic living spaces which are unique to each of our client’s needs and wants.

2. Planning and Design for a Luxury Home

set of building plans for a luxury home in FloridaThe craftsmanship and execution of the project are very important, but without an accurate design and detailed planning work, the project will not come off. Our design and planning process is extensive and thorough. Before the detailed construction drawings are done, we want to have:

  • The floor plan fully determined and approved
  • Interior and exterior elevations approved and
  • Architectural elements selected

During the design process we generate with full involvement with our clients a full and complete spec book, (book of specifications). This ‘book’ usually consists of two or three volumes. It has a table of contents and organized by such sections as:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Architectural
  • Flooring
  • Wall finishes and more.

Every fixture or design item is specified in this book right down to the model numbers of each item, the supplier, the costs, the lead times — everything. The spec book actually becomes very valuable during construction for many reasons and is the Project Managers bible.

So now we have had the idea and started things in motion. We have worked diligently to create a luxurious, functional design tailored to your specific needs and generated floor plans, elevation drawings, and a completed spec book for all design items such as flooring, drapery, fixtures and even artwork. Now it’s time to build a home.


3. Project Construction for Custom Homes

High-end and luxurious homes and spaces are built by craftsman. In addition to being a State Certified Building Contractor, first and foremost, we are craftsmen in several trades. We have been a part of many projects — from five-star hotels to luxurious home masterpieces.

new home builder clearwaterWe have “been in the trenches” and witnessed many successful and unsuccessful projects. As a professional building contractor we searched for a long time to end up with very reliable and highly skilled craftsmen that work with the same purpose of striving for perfection in every home we build.

Completing a project on budget and within schedule is very important. We look after all aspects of building your new custom home from concept to giving you the keys.

custom home building

Creating a home that everyone is proud of is what it’s all about. We specialize in creating
luxury homes in Thailand. Give us a call at 087-997-4236 (Thai) /086-396-0067 (Eng) or send an email.
You won’t be disappointed.